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Looking For An Experienced And Reputable Window And Door Company In Calgary?

Windows and doors are essential components of any building. They contribute immensely to the property’s façade. They provide both functional and aesthetic benefits, as well as other ancillary functions. As a result, you need the right windows and doors to keep your property in the best possible condition, whether residential or commercial.

When you need a company that offers top-of-the-line windows and doors services, do not stress out; BOSS Complete Renovations is a leading windows’ and doors’ contractor in the entire Calgary area. We provide comprehensive services including installation, repair, and replacement of windows and doors in commercial and residential buildings.

Several factors contribute to the efficiency of windows and doors, but the effects will be evident for everyone to see when their structural integrity has been compromised. We help homeowners and property owners with windows and doors installation to complement the architecture of their properties and help them save money.

We offer topnotch services from measuring the windows and doors to the final inspection. With more than 15 years of experience, helping you get the best product and service is a piece of cake. We are reputable and committed to clients’ best experience.

BOSS Complete Renovations is your trusted expert in windows and doors services in Calgary. We provide premium products and excellent services that come with the best warranties on the market. From the best products to superior workmanship, we have raised the bar so high that our quality is a benchmark for our competitors.

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Windows And Door Repair

Windows and doors are often some of the neglected items in a building. Meanwhile, windows and doors are frequently used. Their exposure to the elements can make them wear down faster, making them lackluster and sometimes inoperable and broken. Regardless of the damage to your windows or doors, BOSS Complete Renovations will effectively repair these essential home components and make them functional again.

When your windows have structural damage, broken mechanism, rotten frame, etc., we can help you repair them and make them work effectively again. Call our customer line.

Windows and doors Replacement

Windows And Door Replacement

Replacing your windows and doors is one of the ways to enhance your home’s energy efficiency, reduce energy bills, and enhance the security of your home. Due to wear and tear and other factors, windows and doors replacement may be the only viable solution you need. When you are looking to replace your windows and doors, contact us at BOSS Complete Renovations.

When your windows show signs of physical damage and structural faults, you should call us for a quick replacement procedure to restore your home to its best condition possible.

Boos Doors and Window

Windows And Door Installation

Do you want to install windows and doors for new construction or existing building? Are you searching for the best Calgary windows and doors installation service? Do not search further; BOSS Complete Renovations is the perfect installer to hire. We are a leading Calgary installer providing homeowners and commercial property owners with top-of-the-line windows and doors installation services.

At BOSS Complete Renovations, we install new windows and doors on new construction projects such as large commercial projects, businesses, and residential homes. We have an extensive collection of windows and doors to choose from that meet your needs. Whether you need windows and doors that are energy-efficient or that come with enhanced security, we will help install the kind of windows and doors you need and fulfill your dream.

Suppose you want to install new windows and doors in an existing building, residential or commercial. In that case, our team of specialists is committed to completing clients’ projects on time and with the best workmanship possible. Our priority is to ensure that clients get the best value for their properties and their money. We are reliable and understand the intricacies involved in windows and doors installation – from materials to installation. We assure you of a perfect finish every time.

At BOSS Complete Renovations, our success is founded on professional installation and excellent customer service. We prioritize our clients’ satisfaction and comfort through quality windows and doors’ installation. Contact us for your Calgary windows and doors installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Energy-efficient windows are the best windows most common in Canada. These are several window manufacturers in Canada manufacturing top-quality ENERGY STAR certified products specially designed and manufactured for the Canadian weather. Some top brands in Canada include 3 EuroWindows Ltd, A &G Windows & Doors, Alberta Vinyl Windows and Doors Ltd, AJR Windows Technologies, Lux Windows and Glass Ltd, etc.

The best doors most common in Canada for the prevailing weather are fibreglass exterior doors and steel exterior doors. To ensure the efficiency of these doors, they are weather-stripped and weatherproofed. They are energy-efficient doors designed to guarantee comfort in the home’s interior.

The top brands are Custom Windows and Doors Inc., Del Windows and Doors Inc., Canada Windows and Doors, Alberta Vinyl Windows and Doors Ltd, Baltimore Windows Ltd, etc.


A professional installer can install up to 15 windows per day, spending around 30-40 minutes. This depends on the windows’ size and the floor of the room where windows will be installed.

The crew of installers must visit the home to take customized measurements of the windows to be installed. That will enable the manufacturing of the windows accurately. After that, a date for installation will be appointed when a team of certified and skilled installers will install the window professionally for a seamless fit and leak-proof installation.