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A house’s roof is an investment and integral to the integrity of the entire structure. While a foundation supports the building’s walls and floors, the roof protects it. Our roofers at BOSS Complete Renovations are experts in their field and highly skilled in their craft. 

We are traded for roofs of many property types – including commercial, recreational, and multi-family residential. Here at BOSS Complete Renovations, we offer roof repair, preventative maintenance and replacement services for:

You can call us for any roofing issue, including

We know that roof damage or hail damage roof repair can be stressful and costly, so here at BOSS Complete Renovations we want to take the stress and anxiety away. 

Our technicians not only will assess and repair the damage, but we have the professional training, industry knowledge, tools and insurance to do the job right.

Roofing Repair

The Importance of Maintaining Your Roof

We can never know when the unexpected is going to happen. If your roof is suddenly damaged, it’s important that you act quickly to prevent further issues. From water to structural damage, an unstable roof can put your family, your company’s employees, inventory and business at risk. Even if your roof isn’t suffering from severe damage, seasonal maintenance and quick roofing repair will ensure that your roofing system has a long lifespan.

Time and weather can take their toll on even the best materials, especially in Calgary. With varying temperature extremes, extreme winds, heavy rain, hail storms, and heavy snowfall will eventually diminish the durability of your roof leading to leaks. Depending on the roofing material, a roof can last from 15 to 60 years. The problem is, many homeowners don’t even know the age of their roof and whether it is leaking or not. 

Without a solid roof, over time, water and moisture can accumulate and cause damage to the framing as well as the interior of your house. Any amount of moisture can lead to damage to your rafters and diminish the structural supports in your roof.

In fact, roof leaks are one of the largest causes for rotting framing and mould on sheathing, drywall, and insulation. With BOSS Complete Renovations, we are here for the initial repair and offer regular service maintenance. Avoiding roof repairs can be detrimental to the health of the building occupants, and what started as a few loose shingles could turn into a costly construction project.

That’s why we at BOSS Complete Renovations recommend timely roofing repair, using only the highest quality materials so that a small problem doesn’t result in severe roof damage. A roof is an investment, and BOSS Complete Renovations ensures that home and business owners are left with an exceptional roof that can withstand 30-60 years.

A damaged roof can is also not energy efficient. Your current roof could be your home’s biggest energy efficiency weak spot, leading to hundreds of lost dollars due to heating and cooling costs. That’s unnecessary money out the window. Inefficient roofs can result in as high as 50% of your house’s energy loss. Although repairing your roof is a costly investment, consider the amount of money you will save over the years. 

With BOSS Complete Renovations, we can discuss options to make your roof more energy efficient, perfect for keeping cool air in during hot summers, and preventing heat loss in the cold winters. And, we can’t forget about beauty! An aesthetically pleasing, well preserved roofing system will not only increase your home’s market value but also improve its overall curb appeal. 

For those who may be looking to sell your house in the future, the visual appeal of a newly repaired or properly maintained roof will translate into higher property value.

Why Choose BOSS Complete Renovations

BOSS Complete Renovations is a full-service roofing repair company that serves Calgary and surrounding region. With over 15 years of proven expertise in all areas of roofing services, we provide all the necessary requirements for roofing repair, including inspection, consultation, and installation. repairs, installation, and even energy-savings. We use leading professionals and experienced worksman on all of our projects. We ensure that our roofing materials are top quality and that we find the roofing solution that is perfect for you.

It is important that you trust the roof over your head. Whether you’re a growing company or a family, the roofers at BOSS Complete Renovations work to ensure that you are protected. You know you are the best hands because each contract comes with our 50 year Boss Complete 4 Star Warranty. 

This industry leading warranty program is non-pro rated, meaning you get full protection for all roofing services we completed. You have our guarantee that you will not have to cover any costs for replacement or repair on any materials, disposal or labour. 

Our service manager and professional roofers will guide you through every step of the repair process, from consultation to completion. In the case of emergency and non-emergency repairs, our roofing team and technicians will inspect the roof damage, take pictures and if necessary, offer temporary repairs to prevent future damage till a permanent solution is set in place. 

We include a comprehensive report for all of our roof installations and repairs that outlines any and all pricing. The BOSS Complete Renovations is a dedicated team, available in the case of emergency such as sudden leaks or storm damage. 

Our job is to safely and properly assess your roof, diagnose problems and make repairs so that you can go back to your life with peace of mind!

Whether you’re a loyal client of ours or a new customer, know that you’re in the best hands. We at BOSS Complete Renovations know the importance of a reliable roof, and we’re the reputable contracting company that can help. 

If you’re looking for repairs to your roof, call the leading industry professionals in Calgary for a free estimate: (403) 998-3375.

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