Roofing Baltimore Md

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Roofing Baltimore Md

APC Roofing Services is a leading contractor for roofing in Baltimore, MD. We use the highest standards of workmanship and the finest quality materials for roof repairs, replacement, and installation.

How do you repair a leaky roof?

Roofs are subject to wear and tear and are prone to suffer from minor issues from time to time. If you spot a leak in your roof, make sure to have it examined by a professional at the earliest. However, if you have a roof related emergency, then here are some tips on how to fix them:

  • Fixing leaks – Track the leak to its source and replace the damaged shingles and seal any joint gaps. For leaks in several places, you must have a skilled roofing contractor inspect your property for widespread damage.
  • Fixing asphalt shingles – Inspect your roof for curled, cracked, or missing shingles from time to time as these can often lead to leaks. Fixing 4 to 5 shingles and resealing the gaps are quite easy, but if you notice widespread wear and tear or growth of mold or rot on your roof boards, you need a professional roofer to examine the integrity of your roof.
  • Repairing roll roofing – If you spot any cracks or blisters in your roof or cracks around joints or chimneys, use roofing sealant to mend such gaps.

Similarly, if you see any gaps in caulk or aluminum flashing, seal those areas of intersection with roof sealant or cement. Make sure to scrape away any old sealant and debris on the area, and allow it to dry thoroughly before applying a new compound.

Tips for window maintenance

As a rule of thumb, use an all-purpose cleaner and paper towel to clean your windows and window panes regularly. Make sure to clean the window casings that are bound to the frame from time to time to avoid any jams.

The horizontal and vertical window tracks can often collect dirt, grime, and debris, which can make opening and closing of the windows hard. Make sure to clear these tracks at least once a week to improve your window life. We offer affordable, high-quality roofing in Baltimore, MD, along with window and doors repairs, replacement, and installation services.

Signs that signal the need for a new roof

If your asphalt roof is older than 15 years, it may be time you consider replacing your old roof for a new one. On the contrary, metal and tile roofs are more durable and require a replacement only once every 25-30 years. You should consider a new roof if you chose to overlay in the past as overlaying can often hide serious roofing problems.

Furthermore, if you spot water stains in several parts of your ceiling or attic, there may be water leaks in many areas. In such cases, it is important to replace your roof at the earliest to avoid severe structural damages.

Contact APC Roofing Services for a free quote on your roofing needs. We are a reputable company for roofing in Baltimore, MD, and we specialize in installing metal roofs, flat roofs, synthetic roofs, and silicone roof coatings.

Roofing Baltimore Md

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Roofing Baltimore Md

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