Roof Replacement Calgary

Roof Replacement Calgary

As far as your roofing and exteriors are concerned, regular maintenance will prevent extensive and costly repairs. While putting off minor repairs can save you money in the short run, you might end needing a complete roof replacement that’s pretty expensive. That said, not all decisions when it comes to repairing or replacing your roofing system are straightforward. For instance, the route you take will be based on factors like the total surface area damaged, the kind of damage, and where your roof has taken a beating.

If you’re not sure whether you should repair your roofing system or if it’s time for a replacement, we can help. At Boss Complete Renovations, our roofing contractors near Calgary AB will diagnose the problem with your roof and recommend whether repairs are sufficient or you require roof replacement in Calgary.

When to Repair or Replace: How to Know What You Need

Below are tips to help you know if you should call a top Calgary roofing company to patch up your roof or need a new one.

  • Roof Age

How old is your roofing system? Repairs can be appropriate if your roof is relatively new or is in the middle of its lifespan. However, if it’s meant to last for about 20 to 25 years and it’s 22 years old, you may have to replace your roof. Even so, you may have to replace your roof sooner depending on the elements it was exposed to and if it was installed over one or more layers.

  • Total Cost of Replacing Vs. Repairing Your Roof

Say it costs $5,500 to repair a section of your roof, yet replacing it will be $7,700. In such a situation, getting a brand new roofing system will offer greater value. And if you choose to go through your insurance provider and replacement is approved, you’ll only pay for your deductible while insurance covers the rest of the expenses.

  • Size of Area in Need of Repair

One or two small areas can be easily fixed with repairs. But if the damage covers more than 30 percent of your roof, chances are you’ll need to hire premier roof repair and replacement services for a roof replacement.

  • Aesthetics

Over time, your roof shingles will change colour because of exposure to the elements. This means that when old damaged shingles are replaced with new ones, they won’t match the rest of the roof. If you don’t mind the different colours on your roof, you can go ahead and repair it. But if you can’t stand mismatched shingles, it may be better to replace your whole roof.

Certified Roofing Pros

At Boss Complete Renovations, we’re a full-service roofing company with leading professional roofers in Calgary. Whether you need the best repairs or roof replacement in Calgary, we’re your go-to contractors. We employ the latest technologies and utilize the finest quality materials to ensure reliable, lasting, and swift roofing solutions. Our team is committed to delivering unbeaten services and the highest value possible to each client. With us, you’re guaranteed we’ll fulfill your unique roofing demands. Contact us by phone or explore our roofing services:

Roof Replacement Calgary

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Roof Replacement Calgary

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