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What we offer

Look at any commercial building or high rise and you’ll notice that the roof is flat! As opposed to your shingled residential property, flat roofs are the best design for commercial properties. Flat roofs provide accessibility, practicality, cost-effectiveness, and durability. We provide all of your flat roof installation needs, including maintenance and roofing repair, for large-scale commercial projects including
Safety is our top priority, and our excellent quality roofing is backed by our warranties that offer you complete peace of mind for the entire life of your building. Whether your building requires a brand-new installation, regular maintenance, inspections, we’re here to help. We’re even on call for emergency roof repair to your flat roof system 24/7. We offer a complete package of services for your roofing needs.

Ask About Our 50-year Industry Leading Warranty Program.

Flat Roof Installation – how it’s done

Commercial flat roofing is cost-effective to install in Calgary and can be constructed using a wide variety of materials (see below).

These roofs are relatively easy to maintain and allow for efficient use of space, while any potential problems associated with water run-off and debris accumulation can be countered with regular maintenance and inspections.

Depending on the scope of the project, a new installation will typically take anywhere between two weeks and several months.

For installation, our team of professionals will get the installation done right, and accurately. We make frequent visits to the job site to ensure quality, timely delivery, workmanship, and safety. 

We are highly concerned about our customer’s needs and requirements.

Flat Roof

Flat Roof Repair

Calgary is notorious for its weather! And we’ve got you protected! If your existing roof has been damaged by hail, rain, wind we’re here at a moment’s notice for emergency repairs on short notice

We’ll ensure that your roof is secured, made safe, and restored to peak condition so that it continues to protect you and your business from the elements.

No one wants to be in an emergency situation with their roof. BOSS Complete Renovations knows that proper roof maintenance is a necessity because it has to bear the brunt of our weather. 

Taking a few affordable steps now may help you save thousands of dollars and a roof replacement. We keep your commercial roofing system working for the duration of its life span.

Roof Replacement

The lifespan of your roof will depend on its design, materials used, proper maintenance, and the quality of the installation. While many of the best flat roofs can survive for 60 or 70 years, lower-quality roofs will need to be replaced.

During our project planning, we will come out to your property to assess your existing roof and provide a quote on a replacement roof covering all of the options available to you, including the most energy-efficient choices on the market.

Roof Inspections

To ensure that problems are detected early before they become major issues, arrange regular roof inspections with United Roofing.

Our maintenance department will visit your premises in Calgary and inspect your existing roof. We will provide a report outlining any roofing issues we identify and the estimated pricing for preventative maintenance. This can save money and extend the life of your roof. We can also provide a quote for a replacement roof if required.

Roofing Repair

Main types of Flat-Roofing Systems

The name flat roof could be deceiving. Flat roofs are not completely flat and often have a slight slope to allow for water runoff (around a quarter-to-a-half-inch per foot).

The climate plays an important role in your choice of materials for flat roofs but, fortunately, there are still plenty of options available.

At BOSS Complete Renovations, this is not a choice you will have to make alone. 

Our certified project managers, engineers, and consultants will be with you every step of your project to ensure your roof is designed with all environmental factors in mind, to ensure the longevity and safety of your roof.

A generous 50-year warranty is provided on all roofs.

Types of flat roofs

How do you know what type of roofing material will best suit your roof’s needs? While Vinyl shingles are a common option in Calgary Alberta there are an array of options to choose from. Your roofing contractor will be able to advise you on the most appropriate material for your specific roof requirements. However, for your reference, we’ve included a list below of the most common roofing material options.

Built-up roofs (BUR)

Built-up roofs are popular, cost-effective, and easy to maintain their durable nature makes them do well in harsh weather and frequent foot traffic.

They consist of multiple layers of insulation boards, tar, and gravel, which create a tough and durable roof. 

When repairing BUR roofs, stripping away the layers and adding new ones is relatively simple. 

These roofs can last up to 40 years with proper maintenance and regular inspections.

PVC Roof

PVC is another sun-reflective, energy-efficient, and weather-resistant membrane used on flat roofing in Calgary. 

You can expect a life of 30 years or more from your PVC roof, and do have a higher upfront cost.

Modified Bitumen Roof

Modified bitumen roofs use a mineral-coated asphalt-based material, which is available in rolled sheets. 

Typically, they are two-ply systems that are generally lighter and more durable than built-up roofing. 

Modified bitumen is considered very stable even if there is high foot traffic. 

The popularity of these roofs is helped by their lower cost and you can expect a life of at least 20-30 years with good maintenance.

EPDM, TPO, or SBS Membrane Roof

EPDM and TPO, energy-efficient, weather-resistant, sun-reflective membranes that are ideal for flat roofs in Calgary. They are cost-effective, easy to install, and available as single or double-ply versions. The main difference between EPDM and TPO is that EPDM is a synthetic rubber while TPO is made from thermoplastic polyolefin. SBS, which is a type of modified bitumen, can also be used in the membrane form. Remember, that SBS is an oil-based product, and the cost of maintenance can fluctuate with the oil market prices. These roofs are installed using insulated board layers and can last up to 35 or 40 years when installed properly and maintained well. To determine what flat roof choice is the best for your project, be sure to ask for a free consultation today!


We’ll work closely with you to install and maintain the right roofing solution for both your building and your budget.

Once we’re appointed, a dedicated project manager will help you arrange

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With our detailed assessment, our experts will let you know if your flat roof needs repair or total replacement. We also offer a set of recommendations to help you with future flat roof maintenance

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At Boss Renovations, we set a gold standard for professionalism and reliability here in Calgary and the surrounding area. 

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