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What is Fascia?

Fascia is a long board running horizontally on the roof’s edge behind the gutters of a house and underneath the edge of the shingles. It runs along the bottom edge of the roofline of a building, and it is also referred to as a ‘fascia board.’ It is a crucial part of the roofing system, adding an updated finished look.

Almost all buildings around have fascia installed, according to the requirements of the building code. Fascia, connecting to the soffit, closes off the attic and supports the gutters. It is, however, essential to understand that fascia enhances the aesthetics of the roofing and also serves functional purposes. Fascia can be covered with an aluminum or vinyl cap to match the gutter system, improving the curb appeal of the roofing system.

Meanwhile, the fascia must be kept in the best functional condition to protect your roofing against substantial damage. A damaged fascia board, if not fixed early, can be the beginning of massive roof problems, from the attic to the entire home. As a result, if your fascia is damaged, have it repaired or replaced, based on the severity of the damage.

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What are the purposes of the fascia?

Fascia serves both functional and aesthetic purposes on the roofing system of a building It

Supports the Gutters

Fascia serves as stable and reliable support for the gutters. Gutters can be installed leaning on the fascia board for support during runoffs.

Protects the Attic Against Moisture

Fascia seals off the attic by closing up the gap leading into the attic directly. This protects the attic from moisture that can cause mould, mildew, and moss growth and attendant health issues.

Keeps Pests Off

Apart from the protection from moisture, the fascia also denies pests, such as squirrels, bats, and birds access to the attic. Therefore, you get to prevent an infestation in your attic or home.

Enhances Roof's Aesthetics

Fascia contributes to the overall curb appeal of your roofing system because of its visibility. Usually, the fascia is made in a similar colour with soffit and gutters, helping to create a seamless transition from the roof colours to the siding and trim of the house.

Boosts Energy Efficiency

The most common source of energy loss in many homes is the roof. By installing fascia and soffit, the attic is sealed off, minimizing the amount of warm or cold air that gets to the attic which can overrun the interior temperature. When cold or warm air filters into the home through the attic, the HVAC will be forced to work harder to control the interior temperature, which will result in increased energy bills.

What are the signs that you need fascia repair and replacement service?

Keeping your fascia in the best condition possible is crucial to the integrity of your roofing. Fascia protects the roof, attic, and entire home. If your fascia is damaged, ensure that you have it fixed as soon as possible. Meanwhile, below are some signs that indicate that your fascia needs to be repaired or replaced

Signs of Rot

Fascia is more susceptible to water seepage due to lying below the roofline. And it is the first roofing component that suffers water penetration when gutters are clogged. As a result, the fascia becomes rotted more than other parts of the roof.

Cracks or Breakage

If your fascia is cracked or broken, contact us immediately for fascia repair or replacement. If left unattended, the damage could become more substantial than imagined, causing expensive repairs or replacement.

Increased Energy Bills

Your attic may be responsible for the increase in your energy bills. When drafts are entering your home through the attic, the efficiency of your HVAC becomes compromised. If you noticed any of the above signs, it will be best to contact Boss Complete Renovations immediately to fix the damage and prevent the entire roofing system from getting damaged further.

Are you searching for fascia repair and replacement service in Calgary?

Are you looking for a reputable company that offers excellent fascia repair and replacement service in Calgary? Do you notice substantial damage to your roof and you need it fixed as soon as possible? Do not search further; Boss Complete Renovations is your one-stop shop for fascia and soffit repair and replacement services. At Boss Complete Renovations, we provide first-rate fascia repair and replacement services to help restore the structural integrity of your fascia or replace it to avoid imminent damage to the entire roofing system due to rotted frames and fascia. We have in-depth experience and cutting-edge repair techniques that ensure the perfect restoration of the fascia.
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What are the common materials used for making fascia?

Fascia boards can be made from a wide variety of materials. However, the aesthetics, efficiency, and durability of the materials will undoubtedly be different. The following materials can be used to make fascia
Regardless of the type of material used for your fascia, call our hotline immediately you notice structural damage.

Benefits of Choosing Boss Complete Renovations Fascia Repair and Replacement Service

When you call Boss Complete Renovations immediately you notice signs of damage on your fascia, you get to experience the following benefits

Quick Repair or Replacement

We know the importance of quick intervention in fascia damage. Therefore, we respond quickly to calls from our clients to contain the damage.

Prevention of Costly Repairs or Replacement

Early intervention nips structural damage in the bud, which helps prevent costly repairs or replacement.
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Protection of the Roofing System from Massive Damage

The most extensive damage to the roofing system starts from the fascia. As a result, do not overlook damage to your fascia. Call us and we will end the problem with your fascia and prevent it from spreading to the entire roofing system.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Fixing damaged fascia can help increase the home’s energy efficiency. The attic will be protected against moisture and elements that can reduce the energy efficiency of your home.

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