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What Is Exterior cladding?

Exterior cladding is undoubtedly the best line of defence for exterior walls, wood trims, and the entire home exterior against water, snow, sun, and wind. Cladding saves you the headache and constant expenses incurred painting your home exterior over and over again. In addition to serving functional purposes, exterior cladding also enhances the home’s aesthetics. The benefits offered by exterior cladding are immense – that is why it is a trending feature.

Many homeowners clad their beat-up wood trims, old windows and doors, and architectural features like posts and beams to make a significant impact on the curb appeal of the building. Cladding offers protection to the exterior surface and guarantees savings in costs of maintenance.

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What are the benefits of exterior cladding?

Installing exterior cladding has a significant impact and offers massive benefits to the building and property owners. Here are some benefits of exterior cladding

Eliminates Maintenance

Cladding your exterior saves you from repainting the exterior forever. Cladding is low maintenance and gives you peace of mind. Install cladding once and be free from maintenance and other expenses for a long time because cladding is highly durable.

Enhances Home's Aesthetics

Exterior cladding creates an aesthetically pleasing appearance for the home. It accents the architectural uniqueness of the home and enhances its curb appeal. Cladding comes in a wide variety of colours, making it easy to customize to suit the style and colour of the building.

Improves Energy Efficiency

Exterior cladding provides insulation for the building, helping to keep out heat and cold. This boosts the energy efficiency of the house. As a result, you will save money on energy bills, as your HVAC will work optimally to keep the home’s interior cool or warm.

Increases Property Value

Exterior cladding is one of the home renovations that add the most value to the property. So, installing exterior cladding increases the property’s worth and resale value.

Protects and Safeguards the Structure

Exterior cladding provides the building’s exterior structure with an extra layer of protection against harsh elements, corrosion, and weathering. This maintains the structural integrity of the building for a long time.

Are there problems with your exterior cladding?

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Meanwhile, several problems can arise when the integrity of your exterior cladding is compromised. Just a little breach or failure can open your interior to excessive moisture and rot, as well as mould growth. Besides, the wall system of your building also faces structural integrity issues with failed cladding.

Is your exterior cladding damaged and you are looking for the best exterior cladding repair and replacement service to hire? Are you searching for a reputable contractor to fix your damaged exterior cladding in Calgary? Do not stress out; Boss Complete Renovations is here to repair or replace your exterior cladding without stress.

You can trust Boss Complete Renovations for excellent exterior cladding repair and replacement service. We are an experienced company with more than 15 years of industry experience, serving the entire Calgary area satisfactorily. We are passionate about helping you reason the aesthetics and functionality of your exterior cladding.

Exterior cladding repair and replacement must be carried out by a licensed, experienced, and reliable building restoration company with a track record for excellence. Contact Boss Complete Renovations immediately for top-notch repair and replacement of your exterior cladding, irrespective of the material used for your cladding.

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What do our exterior cladding repair and replacement services cover?

At Boss Complete Renovations, we offer a wide variety of exterior cladding repair and replacement services including the repair, restoration, and replacement of
We have experienced engineers that will detect the problems with your exterior cladding and provide the right solutions immediately. We work on residential and commercial projects and ensure the best results possible. You can also rely on our expertise to fix historic and heritage buildings on time and within budget.

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What are the most common exterior cladding problems we fix?

Cladding protects the external layer of your property, prevents harsh weather from reaching the home’s interior, improves the health and safety of people inside the property, as well as enhances the aesthetics of the building’s exterior.

However, the exterior cladding of a property can experience damage due to different factors. While it may be difficult to prevent some damage, other types of damage can be prevented or rectified immediately. And keep in mind that fixing damages early will protect the structural integrity of the cladding and help save money on extensive repair or replacement.

The following are the most common exterior cladding issues we encounter the most
We provide comprehensive exterior cladding repair and replacement services guaranteed to restore your damaged cladding to the best functional and aesthetic conditions possible. Our experienced engineers carry out detailed corrosion treatment, targeted repairs, and polished finish that extend the durability of your cladding.
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When your exterior cladding gets damaged, contact us quickly to fix the damage to prevent extensive damage that can result in costly repairs or replacement. Meanwhile, we can repair and restore your damaged cladding at an affordable rate, a fraction of the replacement cost. However, if the damage is massive, replacement is undoubtedly the best option to protect your home’s exterior structure and protect those in the house.

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